Getting Google Organic Traffic?

If your website is not getting organic traffic you may want to consider hiring an SEO expert to work on your site and get it ranked for valuable keywords that could be worth significant amounts of money to your business.

I have worked with a variety of businesses in the Rochester, NY area and have improved their website rankings in Google organic considerably. They now get a steady stream of Google organic traffic from local keywords.

If you want to rank high in the local pack and organic section of Google then I can help you. I am an in-person SEO expert in Rochester, NY.

Below is an example of the first Google search result page for a local business search.  Below the image I have explained each section and whether or not SEO is needed in order to rank high.


Typical Search Results Guide In Google For Local Businesses
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I’ll break down the sections for you:

Header Ads 

You will see these at the top of a Google search results page.  You have to pay Google for these listings through their advertising service called Google AdWords™.  If you want your ad to show up at the top you must have a good Google AdWords™ score.  This is based on few things including ad relevance and how much you are willing to spend.  It can get quite expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. YOU DO NOT NEED SEO FOR HEADER ADS.

adwords does not require SEO
© 2016 Google Inc, used with permission. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Maps and Local Pack 

First, there is a map that shows physical locations related to the search and right below it there is a “3 pack” of listings.  In order to rank high in the 3 pack you must have an optimized GMB page and reviews from other Google users. YOU NEED SEO FOR THE LOCAL PACK.

Organic Listings

This is the place where the website that represents your business (or any website for that matter) will appear. If you want to show up on the top of this section you will need a lot of unique, relevant content and links from other authority sites pointing to your site (also called a “backlink”).  YOU NEED SEO FOR ORGANIC LISTINGS.

Footer Ads

As the name implies, these are Google AdWords™ ads that are near the bottom, or footer, of a Google SERP (search engine result page). YOU DO NOT NEED SEO FOR FOOTER ADS.