Using Blockchain To Improve SEO And SEM In Rochester NY

Disclaimer: I do not hold any cryptocurrency or any assets associated with blockchain as of writing this.

You probably heard about Rochester NY company, Kodak, utilizing blockchain technology in the form of their own cryptocurrency, similar to bitcoin.

As a prediction made my many that is seemingly coming true, blockchain technology is slowly changing the playingfield of many industries as a multiple amount of problems are tackled with an aim to solve using the underpinnings of cryptocurrency’s foundation.

The SEO industry has also been impacted by blockchain tech.

How Does Blockchain Affect Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

Through next-generation content management systems (CMS). Currently the most popular CMS flavors are WordPress, Squarespace, and Drupal. With blockchain projects like Ethereum building powerful applications on their own decentralized network it is quickly becoming a reality that blockchain technology could change the applications SEO specialists use to ply their trade.

As a Rochester NY SEO specialist, I am excited. Decentralized platforms mean traffic streams with wider girth. Traffic streams not just limited to individual websites (Google, Facebook, etc.). It easy to specualate how one large, decentralized platform built on blockchain could encompass all authority sites traffic as it seemingly, and effortlessly incorporates all their information and applicable uses.

The Schema community has already started to work on Schema Markup for blockchain certificates and user ID profiles. Both items are still works in progress however.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be improved by blockhchain.

Central authorities are behind your success in today’s search engine marketing, whether they be Google, Facebook, Ebay, Yelp, Youtube, Whatever.

Google is a central authority in programmatic ads, where it helps advertisers run ads on websites via the Google Display Network. Google essentially is the middleman that helps advertisers and website owners trust each other. If they already trusted each other, they would not need Google as an intermediary taking a cut of the profits. This “trust” often creates distrust among the ranks. Is Google being fair with your ad campaign, ensuring visibilty and cost are appropriate? Most likely but it is not guaranteed.

Blockchain changes this. But the technology is still experimental at this point. Imagine a marketing world where every user is genuine with 100 percent accuracy and that the website owner is only charging the advertiser for genuine clicks through to their site. This also could remove the middleman leaving just the website owner and advertiser, saving both parties a lot of money.

Blockchain could potentially change the face of digital ad marketing, threatning Google’s display network revenue, the number one source of their income.

It is an exciting time to be a digital marketer with a giant like blockchain slowy transforming the playing field.