Why Hire A Whole Company When 1 Person Can Handle Your SEO?

If you go through a company to handle your search marketing get ready to pay an arm and a leg…

A company’s overhead is expensive (employee salaries, office space, etc) and you better believe they are going to factor that into the cost. Furthermore, I hope you enjoy being locked in a contract that could have you paying for SEO on a monthly basis for multiple years!

Furthermore, don’t be surprised if the “team” that is working on your site changes over time as people come and go, disrupting the process of SEO’ing your website and causing unecesary delays as communication breaks down between staff members.

Let’s keep it simple: 1 SEO expert. 1 SEO project. 1 fixed cost.

One of the biggest myths that people looking for SEO work get sold is “SEO is an ongoing process.” This is just a cheap ploy to get people to pay for SEO services continuosly, typically on a month to month basis. It is simply not necessary. To be honest, a full days work is often plenty of time to properly SEO a website, beyond that, it’s all speculation.

My name is Nick Fiorini and I am an SEO in Rochester NY. Don’t get sold by some expensive SEO company. Let me be your SEO guide. My work is thorough, effective, and affordable without a contract.