Google’s New AdWords™ Platform is Incredible

Interface is insync with a cms like WordPress. Navigation is seemless. Adjusting variables in campaigns has a bit of a learning curve to it but it starts making sense once you do it a few times. Beyond that it’s your own strategy at work and there is a lot of strategy that can applied.

Google’s old ad vs it’s organic listing

Dell Ad vs Dell Organic Listing

Google’s ads are more dynamic than ever. A major improvement since Google’s first generation of ads and the multiple itinerations there of.

The ad review process is fast, within 10 minutes in some case. No more waiting until the next business day like back in the old days
Google™ Has Increased The Value Of Their Ad Clicks.

A clear example of how Google’s ads blend into it’s organic listings in 2018

Google's ads are more dynamic than ever. Site links providing useful info.

Google’s ad listings now seamlessly blend into it’s organic listings. The “loud yellow box” is long gone and the listing looks clean and provides value in the form of informative content. This makes clicking on them easier than ever. It’s clear that the big G is trying to create a harmonic duality between the two. Again, it makes clicking on them easier than ever.

Not surprising since Google Adwords™ is Google’s main source of income. It’s website advertising network should work well and provide value. The newest version of Adwords™ most certaintly does. 2/3’rds of the world’s search audience is in Google. Google’s Adwords™ ads have the same dynamic structure of SEO listings, providing similar value and trust and they are at the top of Google’s search engine for most searches. Google Adwords™ is the future of search advertising as far as I’m concerned.