Content Marketing = Blog Power

In today’s digital age the absolute best content marketing vessel is a blog.


With a blog a webmaster has an unlimited source for content and links, the 2 main components needed to be found in search engines like Google.

What’s the catch?

The catch is a successful blog never ends. The world’s most successful bloggers do just that: They blog. There is no “set and forget” system for blogging like there is for SEO and SEM. You see, a blog post that gets a few hits a month isn’t much but when you have 25, 50, or even 100 blog posts like this? This is when the impact of content marketing occurs.

The fact that blogging is not finite means that regular blog posts will need to be uploaded. Blog posts that get found in search engines. Blog posts that speak to your visitors. My blogging service will create these types of posts.

I offer a custom search marketing blogging service that will be tailored to your budget. I have worked in a wide range of industries that need a high degree of specialty content such as law, engineering, and medical themed posts.

BLOG SERVICE | $50 per post

  • Posts greater than 500 words and are optimized for search engines
  • Multimedia (pictures, video, infographs, etc) can be added per request
  • Comment moderating, spam monitoring included
  • Post editing included
  • No need to provide topics or content of any kind
  • Each blog post will include a contextual link that has SEO benefits