Kitchens, Bathrooms, and…SEO?

Interior designers and decorators have a lot of content to work with on their websites. Kitchens and bathroom design is huge as those are 2 major rooms people tend to judge with scrutiny when looking at design. Any one who claims to provide interior decorating should have an extensive visual online portfolio. With proper SEO technique that portfolio can be found in all major search engines when people are trying to find helpful content on the subject.

SEO by design is focussed around content. This content is not only text but pictures as well.

Similar to SEO for realtors, If your online content deals with a lot of pictures then the alt attribute is your best SEO friend. This attribute is used to provide details about the contents of an image files to search engines to tell it what it’s about. Google is clever but it still can’t “see” images like a person sees them.

For those who work in “visual fields” like interior decorating and design the alt tags on image files must be properly filled in with descriptive longtail keywords


Not so good:

img src=”bathroom.jpg” alt=””


img src=”bathroom.jpg” alt=”bathroom”


img src=”bathroom.jpg” alt=”Mediterranean Style Contemporary Master Bathroom Glass Tiles Wood Floors Stone Counters”

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