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search engine optimization for organic traffic and increase business revenueI’m an SEO expert who provides SEO and SEM services and consulting. If you are looking to rank your website in Google for specific keywords I can do this for you. Although, the #1 spot for any keyword can never be guaranteed, an improvement in rankings and traffic volume can be with my service. The best part is you will receive this traffic for as long as your website remains indexed in Google’s search engine long after it’s been optimized. As a Rochester, NY resident, I can meet you in-person to answer any questions you might have about SEO.  You can always submit your site for a free assessment.

GOOGLE™ FIRST PAGE PACKAGE | $2000 (One Time Cost)

Google Organic SEO Analysis And Keyword Campaign | ($750 separately)

Google AdWords Campaign Setup and Ad Campaign Optimization | ($750 separately)

Google My Business Setup And Optimization | ($250 separately)

Google Analytics Setup | ($250 separately)

In-Person Consultation, Support, and Training | FREE with package ($500 separately)

Google Organic SEO Analysis And Keyword Campaign

    • Site Content Review and Structure

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    • Content Research and Development

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    • Keyword Research

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    • Keyword Implementation

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    • Backlinks*

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Google AdWords Campaign Setup and Ad Campaign Optimization

    • Complete Google AdWords Campaign Setup from Start to Finish

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    • Keyword Research

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    • Conversion Ratio Monitoring and Ad Development

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Google My Business Setup and Optimization

    • Google My Business account creation and GMB page optimization

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Google Analytics Setup

    • Google Analytics For SEO and SEM Campaigns Setup For Reporting Types of Your Choice

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In-Person Consultation, Support, and Training

    • Full SEO and SEM assistance and education the whole way through

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Website | $500

If you just need a website for referral uses than I can build you a professional website using CMS (content management systems) like WordPress and Squarespace.

    • Up To 20 Pages

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    • Completely Responsive Design

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    • Choice of WordPress or Squarespace CMS**

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    • Basic Content Included

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    • Training

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SEO Consultation | FREE

Through email, phone, or in-person, if you need SEO consultation in Rochester, NY I provide it free of charge.

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Site Content Review and Structure

Google’s ranking algorithm looks at the content of a webpage and analyzes it by reading content including the header tags. Header tags are important and it is common SEO knowledge that whichever keyword you are trying to rank a page for it should have that keyword in the those tags of that page somewhere. Then, good, high quality content related to your site should be in the body of that page. Of course, this is only the beginning.

Creating content is crucial. If you are looking for organic traffic from Google then Google will be looking for your content. Google can actually penalize your site for low quality content. A “thin content penalty” is given to sites with only a little content as well. High quality content is imperative.

Content Research and Development

Filling the body of a page with generic information about your industry in order to “give the algorithm what it wants” doesn’t work anymore. This is due to Google’s LSI (latent semantic indexing) combined with machine learning (RankBrain) that basically gives Google the power to understand documents using artificial intelligence. This A.I. continues to learn with each new piece of information that it receives.

Unique, content that provides value is what the search algorithm “wants” on a similar level to that of what an actual human being wants. Make sure the page you are trying to rank has content that can immediately provide value to a visitor for the query associated with it. Good SEO practices involve creating content relative to your industry.

Keyword Research

Keyword possibilities are seemingly endless. For local businesses, keyword opportunities are crucial because the volume of business related searches per month locally are generally low. I can find every last keyword opportunity for your website to ensure no traffic is left on the table.

Keyword Implementation

There is a fine line between keyword implementation and keyword stuffing. When using various keywords I can implement these keywords into content on your site without suffering a keyword stuffing penalty.

Google Analytics For SEO and SEM Campaigns Setup For Reporting Types of Your Choice

What good are strong organic traffic and paid ad campaigns if you have no way of tracking their success? Using Google Analytics it is absolutely possible to keep track of both a website’s organic traffic and the success rate of the paid ad campaigns currently running.

Complete Google AdWords campaign setup from start to finish

It all starts with a healthy list of keywords and some quality written ads. Google uses a quality score for their ads making them more than just a “click me!” sign. This quality score affects an ads placement in search results. Also, Google AdWords can be quite expensive if you don’t properly adjust the bid amounts for each ad. On the other hand, a poorly optimized ad with a low bid may never get seen. It’s all about finding a median to ensure a good ROI. I will personally setup a Google AdWords™ campaign that will be cost effective and profitable to your business.

Conversion Ratio Monitoring and Ad Development

Keeping an eye on your ad campaign is necessary to see what’s working and what is not. Sometimes ads need to be edited and content needs to be changed. Gradually adjusting bids along the way will ensure your ad budget is stretched to the max while getting the most exposure.

Google My Business account creation and GMB page optimization

Google has already acknowleged that optimizing your Google My Business Page will positively affect your local maps listing as well as your organic listing and vice versa. A search engine optimized website will positively affect it’s GMB page counterpart.


This one is considered a bit of a grey area with Google. They have stated in their official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that they do not want people trying to acquire links on their own. Links should occur naturally or…organically meaning other people should link to you because they like your content not because you are trying to raise your rank.

On the other hand it’s also been stated by Google themselves that links are 1 of the 2 biggest factors when it comes to Google choosing which website to give the highest organic rank to (content is the other). This means building links to a website is one of the best ways to try and increase it’s rank. At this point, it’s easy to see how “link schemes” that are considered spam become such a problem.

Up To 20 Pages

Typical business websites are anywhere from 5-20 pages. If you have a website with many pages (ecommerce website, blog) then prices can be adjusted accordingly.

Completely Responsive Design

Each and every website I build performs smoothly regardless of the device it is being viewed on (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.). It is crucial for a website to be responsive since so many people are using different devices to visit websites.

Choice of WordPress or Squarespace CMS**

I have extensive knowledge of both WordPress and Squarespace CMS (content management system). Regardless of which you choose, I will create you a great site that is easy to use.

Basic Content Included

Information about the services/products your business offers and standard website pages (about, contact, etc) are included.

Full SEO and SEM assistance and education the whole way through

I’m here to help. I will answer all your questions about SEO and SEM and (if you purchased website) training on how to use your new WordPress or Squarespace website. It is actually quite easy to use either of these platforms and I think you will be pleasantly surprised how simply it is to add content as well as update and edit existing content.

* It is against Google's TOS to buy and sell links.  Links are provided free of charge.
** Hosting will be required with WordPress.  Squarespace includes hosting at a monthly cost.